“LocPro makes your smartphone smarter”

Location based gallery lock and reminder.

• Hesitate to share your mobile with others and don’t want them to peak into your personal pictures?
• Have you ever forgotten to buy groceries while you were very near to the grocery store?
• OR to pick up some medicines even though you were just a few meters away from the chemist?

Don’t Worry, LocPro is here !!!

Hide your images on the go. LocPro automatically hides your selected images form your gallery and lock them form un wanted access.

The intelligent gallery lock. Hides your selected pictures on the basis of your location, be it your home, office, college or any other places. Your friends cannot peak into your gallery.

Location Reminder is a full-featured alarm that notifies when you arrive in the vicinity of a location. You simply tap the location on the map and configure the radius of the distance from the location you want covered, thats it your location reminder is set.


• Flexible address search.
• Configure and manage the location radius.
• Configurable options for setting alarm tone and vibration
• Automatic gallery lock.
• Minimal battery usage. Doesn’t require your GPS to be constantly in active condition !!!.
• And many more…

Few lines from CNN post:

Location based app “LocPro” adapts your phone’s privacy settings depending on where you are. It can even remind you to pick up milk when you walk past the supermarket.


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