Project Description

Learning at the Grone Wirtschaftsakademie is fun! “We are concerned about the success of the individual participant in the seminar. Therefore, we cultivate personal counseling, seminars in “Presence Form”, topics and methods, which are oriented towards the interests of the learners. For us, quality in continuing education is not just an empty word. Regular evaluations of the seminar success and our organizational efficiency help us to further develop our offerings as well as a narrow labor market and occupational monitoring.

As an economist, you have the:

  • Commercial responsibility in your company
  • Take over the management of a department in your company
  • Monitor the business requirements
  • Make decisions about procurement and sales
  • You take on the responsibility of your employees

We attach great importance to professional seminars and seminars. Our main areas of competence are service and commercial functions. Many of our lecturers come from professional practice that they convey.