Project Description

Our core competences include consulting, education, qualification and mediation. “You’re never too old for learning?” – we fill this sentence of our founder Heinrich Grone daily with new life. Our strength is to combine what is proven with new. With more than 80 locations, Grone Unternehmensverbund is one of the oldest, largest, private educational and personnel services companies in Germany. Our parent company is a non-profit foundation “private law” whose primary purpose is the “vocational education and training of socially disadvantaged people” and their integration into the labor market.

True to the philosophy of the founder Heinrich Grone “For learning one is never too old” (Heinrich Grone, 1911), Grone forms people of all ages, gender and origin for more than 126 years from now and further. During this time countless success stories were written. Even during economic crises and world wars, lessons were maintained at Grone. Because no matter how hopeless the situation seems, education opens everyone’s door to a better future. Heinrich Grone recognized this at an early stage and thus gave many people a new perspective. The guiding motto “To learn is never too old” has not lost any importance today – quite the opposite.