Project Description

Custom tailors tailor individual garments, costumes, accessories, bags or models for designers as well as small series. In addition, change and repair orders are part of the profession. The training is offered in the craft with the focus ladies or gentlemen.

Most of the time, the tailors work in craft and tailor-made tailoring, costume workshops of theaters, film studios and TV stations. In addition, they can be employed, for example, in garment houses with a change service or in production workshops for textile design. During retraining there is a one-week in-house apprenticeship on the subject: processing techniques according to old craftsmanship.

Participation requirements:

  • A one-year professional activity (independent of the sector)
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • creativity
  • Sense and feeling for aesthetics

Duration:   24 months in full-time 30 months part-time

Theory: 1.5 days a week by Grone network Hamburg
Practical Training: 3,5 days weekly in the Grone textile workshop “fabric”