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2015 in Hamburg 22,300 refugees immigrated, which have 21,000 accommodation needs, of which 1,570 unaccompanied refugee . In the initial reception for Escaped whether unaccompanied youths or adults (some with family), people live normally without privacy in large Rooms or gyms in a confined space. The potential for aggression is difficult to control, especially for traumatized [...]


Custom tailors tailor individual garments, costumes, accessories, bags or models for designers as well as small series. In addition, change and repair orders are part of the profession. The training is offered in the craft with the focus ladies or gentlemen. Most of the time, the tailors work in craft and tailor-made tailoring, costume workshops [...]


Conversion to Cook / cook Full-time + part-time To whom is the offer addressed Workers and job-seekers Content Manufacture of food Preparing and processing of foodstuffs Vocational training, labor and collective bargaining Organization and organization of the training company Safety and health at work Dealing with guests, consulting and sales Installation of equipment, machines and consumer [...]